I’m on the streets and sidewalks of New Hampshire fighting gender ideology and the indoctrination and medicalization of gender-confused children, and teaching that women are adult human females.

Gender Clinics Harm Children

Although gender dysphoria has been historically rare and was almost always males wishing they were female. Today TikTok, Instagram, Netflix, and books at the public library tell girls they need to change their bodies with chemicals and surgery to become their  ”authentic selves.”

Gender clinics irreversibly harm and sterilize children with puberty blockers, which can destroy bones, fertility, and sexual function, and almost inevitably lead to opposite-sex hormones; and give girls testosterone, which triggers early menopause resulting in sterility, vaginal atrophy, and atrophy of their reproductive and urinary systems, and increase their risk for pulmonary embolisms, strokes, and heart attacks, and breast amputation before they are old enough to understand the consequences or give informed consent. 

Children with autism, anxiety, depression, and PTSD are especially vulnerable to therapists and physicians who are pushing transgenderism. These problems are made even worse by so-called conversion therapy bans that make it illegal for therapists to do anything but affirm children’s gender identity, no matter what problems are at the root of their confusion. 

We have 11 studies that demonstrate that the majority of children with gender dysphoria will be happy living as their own sex if allowed to go through puberty and grow up with their bodies intact.



Blackmailing Parents: The Suicide Myth

“Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son?” is the question the gender industry uses to blackmail parents. Transgender advocates back up that threat by claiming that almost half of them will kill themselves unless you respect their new names, and pronouns, and change their bodies with puberty blockers and opposite-sex hormones. These outrageous statistics come from non-random solicited online surveys from advocacy groups like The Trevor Project.

A review of Data from the UK’s largest clinic indicated a suicide rate of 0.03%. Although this is far higher than average, it is similar to the suicide rates of youth seeking treatment for other mental health conditions. The suicide rate also doesn’t take into account other conditions that trans-identifying children often have, such as anorexia and depression. Another study of 2771 children concluded that suicidality among trans-identifying youth is only somewhat higher than for those being treated for other mental health issues.

Yes, gender dysphoric children have a higher rate of suicide. So do those with eating disorders, but therapists don’t tell anorexic girls, “Yes, you’re fat. Here’s a referral for gastric bypass surgery.” 

Lives of Pain and Regret

Those who push child transgenderism claim that those who regret the permanent damage from chemicals and surgery didn’t get the support they needed from their transphobic families. But the 42,000 members of the ’detrans’ subreddit and the thousands of videos posted online tell a different story.

Detransitioners recount how they had trouble fitting in with other girls because they didn’t fit stereotypes, how they were drawn into transgenderism by social media, how they were rushed down the path of transitioning by therapists and physicians who failed to explore whether the gender dysphoria was a result of other mental health disorders.

“I can’t believe that surgeons saw me and my already heavily scarred body and thought it was a good idea to go through this without asking me anything,” wrote one detransitioner. “I wasn’t well mentally. This ideology is just taking advantage of mentally ill people, gay people with internalized homophobia or misogyny or other things that could be dealt with therapy and self care and stuff. I claimed taking down gender stereotypes while conforming to it and harming myself in the process.”

Detransitioned women discuss regrets from being sterilized, having their breasts amputated, and having permanently lower voices, all because of decisions they made when they were too young to give informed consent.

“Children don’t have free will,” detransitioner Laura Reynolds says in her video. “They’ll believe anything. If you tell them they can change their sex, they’ll believe you.”



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